Hello! I know that you can't see me right now, but imagine I'm sitting across from you at your favorite coffee shop with a big grin on my face (and a delicious beverage in hand). And imagine we're about to get to know each other really well. I like to start out any meeting with a hug or a high five, so let's also pretend that we've already done both those things.

Before Before I get into all of the details about myself, I'll start by telling you my name. I think that's a good place to start, after all. My name is Hayley Jansen and I am a happily married mother of three, 2 boys and a girl. 

I'm not just a mum, though. I'm a lover of the arts, a fan of good food and an accomplished photographer. Since I founded A Shot in the Dark Photography in 2003, I've had the absolute pleasure of photographing the weddings of over a hundred happy couples.

I look forward to talking to you very soon.